Thursday, July 31, 2008

Web of Harmony

An open letter to all who I love,

The Hopi Indians believe that each of the world’s religions contain one spiritual thread, and that these individual and separate threads are always seeking each other, wanting to join... And one day when all the threads are finally woven together that they will form a rope that will pull all people out of this dark cycle of history and into the next.

I believe there is a sacred thread yearning to be one, in each of us... yearning to be a part of that which is more glorious than we can image.

Last year I felt the effects personally when many people around the world came together in prayer for my health. I now ask, isn’t it time to create a web that can effect the world in such a fashion? A web which can heal all mankind?

Today I am sending my spiritual thread out into the universe asking others to join me in circling the earth and creating such a web. A web which will assist all efforts to pull humanity individually and collectively out of darkness and into harmony.

Why am I doing this? Good Question. Last fall when my friend said she was creating WorldWideHarmony by 12- 21-2012, I thought she was a tad bit ambitious and when she asked if would I like to join her, I thought she was a tad bit crazy.

Fortunately for me, I respect her very much and gave serious thought to what she was saying. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Then I came to this series of questions. Why not? Why me? Who am I? Certainly there are more important people in the world striving for world harmony? Then a light bulb went on. It has to start with me, and you, and you and you. We can not be lead or follow others into harmony, it must begin inside of us. Each one of us. If we put aside our fears, thoughts and doubts, what is left? Possibility, the possibility to create that which we desire! Only by working together can we create a world in harmony.

We can create WorldWideHarmony.

I feel there are two simple steps. Step One is to believe that this is possible. Step two is to be willing to change our perspective to include this as the possibility. For me it was a simple declaration - last year with chalk, on my kitchen wall, I wrote “War has ended, Peace has arrived.” Everyday, many times a day, I look at those words and they affect me. Perhaps with a smile of amusement or with a nod of affirmation - but always they center me back to my goal - personal and world harmony.

So I ask you to join me by extending your heart, thoughts, and focused belief into a prayerful intent of harmony. A blog site has been set up for questions, thoughts and ideas. It is called Please go there so we can have a dialogue.

In 1954 Pope Pius XI sent Vatican delegates on a trip to Libya with these instructions “Do NOT think that you are going among Infidels... The ways of Providence are infinite. Maybe if we collect all of our pieces (threads) and compare them, a story about God will emerge that includes and resembles everyone creating a place of universal or world harmony.”

Yes, we are a group of ordinary folks from many walks of life coming together, and we know that harmony is possible... so please join us. You are needed. I ask you to add your voice to this song.

In addition to consciously creating this energetic prayerful focus web of light, love and harmony, we are also holding conferences around the world to help ground this energy deep into the earth. Holding world wide harmony in your hearts will assist in this process.

Our first conference will be held in Las Vegas, September 27, 2008 and the second in New York in December 2008. Check out our website: for more information or you can read the attached press release about the conference. It will give you more information about the event.

Please forward this email. All of our sacred threads are needed to create this spiritual rope of energetic healing loving light.

Love to you all,



Crystal Portal Conference:

World Wide Harmony is only a Dimension away!

Las Vegas NV, Aug 1, 08: WorldWideHarmony™ presents the CRYSTAL PORTAL CONFERENCE, An Activation from the 6th Dimension on September 27, 2008 from 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m. at Cashman Center Theatre, 850 Las Vegas Blvd. N. (corner of Las Vegas Blvd. N. and Washington Ave.). Registration begins at only $79. To register go to

It is our reality to be the first civilization on this planet to manifest Global Harmony, to be accomplished by 12-21-2012. A major shift to the 4th Dimension is happening and the CRYSTAL PORTAL CONFERENCE is the hyper-gate!

The 4th Dimension will represent the individual experience of knowing ourselves as master creators, supported by unlimited resources within a framework of continuous time. The purpose of the Crystal Portal Conference is two-fold: 1) Once the Crystal Portal is in place it will begin to transmute and transform the 3rd Dimension energies into a 4th Dimension resonation. All inhabitants within the region of the Crystal Portal will begin to shift into a more loving and heart based interaction with themselves, each other and particularly in business and governmental practices. 2) As more Conferences are created, the Crystal Portals begin to connect. This connection will assist the Planet Earth herself in moving into the 4th Dimension, gently and effortlessly, therefore, eliminating most of the predicted and predetermined catastrophic disasters that we are now beginning to experience.

Through Vibrational Tones, Intuitive Guidance, Purposeful Intent and Awakened Presenters we will establish an opening for the 6th Dimension Crystal Portal Harmonic Energy to secure itself into the Earth resulting in a loving and gentle transformation, regionally and globally, to World Wide Harmony by 12-21-2012!

All presenters are local residents of Las Vegas in order to allow the participants to know that they will be continually supported by the Conference beyond September 27th. Each presenter offers a unique modality to facilitate an experiential event as the participant joins the creation of the amazing energy opening from the 3rd to the 6th Dimension.

The Activation from the 6th Dimension as the Crystal Portal moves through the opened Dimensions is indescribable. You will come away from the Crystal Portal Conference with an awareness of purpose and an awakening to our amazing Global shift. It is a life altering event! You will want to


For registration and information go to:

Contact Information:

Lauri Cloud (888) 769-8967

8174 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Ste 109-154, Las Vegas, NV 89123